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rigid vinyl plank flooring

Rigid vinyl plank flooring is a sturdy, waterproof flooring option that fits your design and lifestyle. At LL Flooring, we trust in CoreLuxe Rigid Vinyl because of its comfort, strength, and innate waterproof qualities.

Rigid vinyl planks are thicker, stiffer, and sturdier than thin and flexible regular vinyl. Rigid vinyl also has more layers than regular vinyl, including its rigid core.

While regular vinyl usually has two layers, there are several layers to rigid vinyl flooring. These layers are:

  • Stable base layer—the attached pad is made of high-density irradiated cross-linked polyethelene (IXPE)
  • Rigid core layer—made from a superior stone polymer composite (SPC) that helps resist dents
  • Vinyl layer—here is where the unique grains, textures, and shades come alive in print
  • Wear layer—a clear layer that provides scratch resistance with a glossy or matte finish

CoreLuxe produces rigid vinyl flooring by combining layers of luxury vinyl with their high-quality SPC core. The CoreLuxe SPC core is made by combining polymer with limestone, and this results in the most dent-resistant of all vinyl flooring types. It’s tough enough to resist dings and dents from all those typical household knocks, drops, and heavy furniture bumps.

Why we love Rigid Vinyl

Because of its construction, rigid vinyl plank flooring is waterproof and when combined with optional underlayment offers improved sound and thermal properties. It also handles imperfect subfloors well as the rigidity of the planks don’t reflect minor issues with a subfloor.

Rigid vinyl also has great dimensional stability, so there is minimal contraction or expansion based on temperature. This means it will hold up well to almost any climate. This dimensional stability also provides extended span capability so you can install the flooring across greater distances and use fewer transition trims between planks and sections.

Glue down options provide a transition-free installation technique, and the limited residential warranty provides peace of mind up to a lifetime. You can even find commercially graded options that offer both light and heavy limited commercial warranties.

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