Is vinyl flooring a good choice most people

That’s right!!!

is vinyl flooring a good choice

  • Best Quality Vinyl Tiles, Planks and Sheets for Commercial and Residential Use
  • Vinyl Flooring Singapore is where you will find the best quality, vinyl tiles, planks and sheets at affordable prices.
  • Vinyl flooring is one of the most durable flooring and a rising star in the Singapore flooring market.
  • It is manufactured using a type of plastic called polyvinyl chloride (PVC).
  • PVC is an extremely versatile material which is used in the manufacturing process of products such as insulation for electric cables, handbags, clothing and furniture.
  • PVC is used for a wide range of products because of its reputation as a hard-wearing and durable material within the plastics industry.
  • It is this durability that makes vinyl flooring resistant to damages due to impact or abrasion.

Vinyl Flooring Is Not The Same As Linoleum Flooring

  • Both vinyl flooring and linoleum flooring are categorized as resilient flooring.
  • Although vinyl flooring is commonly used interchangeably with linoleum flooring, they are technically not the same in terms of material composition.
  • Vinyl flooring is composed of PVC whereas linoleum is made up of all natural material such as linseed oil, wood, cork and resins.
  • The composition of wood and cork in linoleum render it vulnerable to water damage.
  • Hence it requires an annual application of sealant for maintenance.
  • In contrast, vinyl flooring is waterproof and do not require any maintenance other than the usual cleaning.
  • With advancement in vinyl flooring technology, it is now eco-friendly and more hardy.
  • This new improved version has been re-marketed as Luxury Vinyl Flooring which encompassed Luxury Vinyl Tiles and Luxury Vinyl Planks.
  • Coupled with its modern elegant design, it has now surpassed linoleum flooring in terms of popularity.
  • Vinyl flooring is available in tiles, sheets and planks forms to suit your various flooring requirements.
  • Learn which forms is most appropriate for your needs in our Type of Vinyl Flooring page.

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