Luxury vinyl is a low-maintenance product. Most products are now water-resistant, if not waterproof. Waterproof vinyl flooring is very popular as it helps keep water damage from occurring. So all the water spills, pet accidents, and other top-down moisture issues won’t affect the visual of your floor.

For cleaning, a light sweeping and the occasional damp mop is all you need. Sweeping with a broom or vacuum (with the bristle bar turned off) will keep it looking its best. If a cleaner is needed, be sure to use one with a neutral PH, and do not use a steam mop.

To help protect your floors throughout their lifespan, you’ll want to remember that these floors, like hardwood, are susceptible to sun damage. Thus over time, direct sunlight can fade your floors. To combat this, it’s helpful to close your blind during the day when you’re not home.